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Google Ad Management

Additional details such as B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to customer) will also determine which particular ad management marketing strategy will work better for you. One major part of determining which marketing strategy or combination strategies is best for you is that we must identify additional details. These details will include things such as your target audience, specific demographics, and specific locations. More in-depth of that, is which step of the buying process are your target customers? Tailoring your marketing to include as many of the stages of the buying process will assist your potential customers in determining that you ARE the best choice for them. 

For example, if your website sells black leggings, you would want to appeal to the types of people that wear black leggings. You would not advertise orange striped leggings on a wedding blog. However, you could potentially advertise your site on a fitness blog. Additionally, if you are selling a service, such as mobile car detailing, like our friends over at National Car Detailing, you would not want to advertise on a blog talking about the animals over in another country. Knowing where to place ads is as important as being able to identify which type of ads will work best. Luckily for you, here at Accelerated Digital Marketing, we have the expertise to properly identify which method strategy is going to work best for you. Strategies tailored to you to meet YOUR specific needs. Just as all humans are different, all marketing strategies are different as well. Marketing is NOT a one-size-fits-all. Depending on which needs you have will determine our recommended course of action.

PPC Ad Management

There was a time that the best way to advertise was to call up Yellow Pages and place an ad within their phone book. As technology grew, these phone books became more popular as “booster seats” for kids at the dinner table. Now, an actual physical copy of a phone book is nearly unheard of. 

In a technologically advanced world, you have an entire internet as your advertising platform. Google makes this easy with pay-per-click ads. These pay-per-click ads target a specific demographic. It is an easy way to “buy” visits to your site. The way pay-per-click ads work is rather simple. You pay for an ad with Google. During the setup process, you will determine which keyword or combination of keywords that you want to be found for. These keywords should be the best of the best keywords when it comes to YOUR business. A lot goes into building the perfect PPC ad management campaign. Research is key. 

When the ad is listed, it will appear at the top of all results. Each time a customer clicks on your ad, you are charged a specific rate. The specific rate is predetermined by your specific Google ad management services agreement.  

Google Ad Campaign Management

Here at Accelerated Digital Marketing, your Google ad campaign management is our top priority. Perfecting your Google ads is just as important as your website design San Antonio. That’s why we continue to research popular keyword search terms. The specific ad words that are selected to be part of your Google ad are the best of the best words. We want to utilize the full potential of these keywords. This is created through intensive keyword research. Utilizing programs such as Ahrefs and Ubersuggest, relevant keywords are identified. Identifying a relevant keyword is not the only step in the ad keywords process. The keywords that are selected must be the best of the best. Because you are paying per click, you are paying for specific keywords to be found. Sure a keyword such as marketing is relevant. However, it is a very generalized keyword. The result could be a large number of people that click on your ad about marketing, looking for one thing, but that one thing is not what you are providing. Since this is a PPC ad campaign, every time someone clicks on your ad, you are charged. By not properly utilizing valuable keywords in your ad, you could potentially cost yourself additional money.  A more relevant term would be something like digital marketing San Antonio. This term is narrowed down.  The ending result is a term that is widely searched by people looking for YOUR specific product or service. Here at Accelerated Digital Marketing, we specialize in keyword research. We identify the best keywords to use for maximum profit.